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Whether you’re revamping your lawn or installing a new one, you have 3 basic options:

Hydroseeding makes it possible to realistically have a lawn in less than a month. Hydroseed combines mulch, fertilizer, seed, soil and water into a soupy mixture that begins to grow almost immediately after hitting the ground. The results shock many customers. Grass will often begin sprouting in 3 days.

Why hydroseed? 3 advantages

1. Enhanced root formation

Sod looks green and healthy the minute it hits the ground, but that’s often not the case. Sod has trouble establishing itself without significant watering and the correct underlying soil composition. The seeds in the hydroseed mixture grow directly into the ground, developing strong roots.

2. Affordability and sustainability

Hyrdroseeding usually costs 1/2 as much as sod, and your lawn will be green, healthy, and established in a few short weeks. It wil will also help you conserve water; requiring 1/3 the water needed on a newly sodded lawn.

3. Protection from heat and birds

Hydroseed allows you to plant your lawn whenever you’re ready because the mixture protects the seeds from heat and birds. This means you can complete your project on your own timeline, instead of waiting for the weather to cooperate.

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