Why would you irrigate in Kitsap County?

No one thinks of Bainbridge Island, Silverdale or Poulsbo when they name the sunniest places in Washington State. But, the truth is, from July through September each year we can experience extended dry periods.

The Puget Sound region gets less rain each year than Chicago, Dallas, or Miami (Source: Komo News).

Extended dry periods will make your lawn yellow and die if they don’t receive sufficient care.

The easiest and most efficient way to keep your grass green and healthy year-round is an irrigation system. Irrigation systems are also much more sustainable than sprinklers or other watering methods.

Pro-Lawn Care’s trained team includes irrigation specialists who design, install and maintain irrigation systems. When designing a system, our team uses the principles of irrigation control management to ensure that your entire landscape is watered efficiently and correctly.

We also retrofit and expand existing irrigation systems.

The 3 keys to an effective irrigation system

1. Design

Designing an effective system lays the groundwork for the rest of the project. We conduct an assessment of your property and test water pressure to determine the variables that will impact the system’s layout before doing anything else.

During the design phase, our team takes special care to ensure that each section of the landscape receives adequate pressure. We also choose the correct sprinkler heads for your specific needs.

At the end of the design process, you’ll receive a blueprint of your system.

2. Installation

We take great care when installing your irrigation system. Strong materials like Schedule 40 PVC ensure that your lines won’t easily break. They’re installed 18-inches below the ground to avoid cracks during freezing temperatures.

Each system is equipped with Rainbird commercial-grade sprinkler heads and a Rainbird ESP control box that will allow you to easily adjust watering schedules.

3. Maintenance

Repairs and winterization are essential once your irrigation system has been installed.

Repair: Keep your system running well. We can help you with:

Winterization: Protect your system from freezing weather. We can help you:

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