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Clearing away leaves and yard debris at a property in Bremerton, WA.

Yard Cleanups in the Silverdale, Bremerton, & Port Orchard, WA Area.

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Residential and commercial properties in Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, and the surrounding areas in Kitsap County, WA can benefit from our spring and fall cleanups.

Our yard cleanups include leaf removal, trimming, weeding, bed reshaping, debris removal, and more.

The exterior of your home needs cleaning just like the interior of your home does, and that’s why we provide spring and fall cleanups as a service to our residential and commercial customers in Kitsap County communities such as Silverdale, Bremerton, and Port Orchard, WA. During these cleanups, we clear away debris, remove leaves, reshape landscape beds, do some trimming and weeding, pressure washing, and more.

Importance of Keeping Your Yard Clear of Debris

Branches and yard debris being cleared in Bremerton, WA.

Over time, leaves and branches can accumulate in your yard, blocking sunlight from reaching your grass. If that debris stays too long, it can cause irreparable damage to your existing turf, which means you’ll have to invest more money and time into cultivating a new lawn. Additionally, debris piles can become a haven for yard pests that you don’t want.

During both our spring and fall cleanups, we work to remove those leaves and branches from your yard.

We also offer leaf removal services to communities in and around Silverdale, Bremerton, and Port Orchard, WA during the fall, typically from October-November. We blow leaves away from your property and haul them away with our trucks.

We Maintain Your Landscape Beds With Trimming, Weeding, Planting Annual Flowers, & More!

You’ve worked hard to get your landscape beds into great condition, but they still need to be maintained. In our cleanups, we will also work to make sure your planting beds look kept up with and well-manicured. During our cleanups, we:

  • Trim your landscape plants to maintain their size and shape
  • Weed your landscape beds to make sure weeds don’t take away nutrients from your plants
  • Reshape your landscape beds so they look fresh and new
  • Refresh or install new mulch or rock if it’s needed so your plants get the maximum benefits from the mulch
  • Plant annual flowers like geraniums in spring or ornamental cabbage in fall

We Mow & Fertilize Your Lawn, Shrubs, & Trees

Trimming and fertilizing landscape plants in Silverdale, WA.

Keeping your lawn, shrubs, and trees healthy requires regular fertilization and in our cleanups, we make sure your plants get just that. We apply a fertilizer treatment to your lawn and your landscape beds, as well as any trees on your commercial or residential property.

We will also mow your yard properly to give it a good start to the year during our spring cleanup. Our mowing services include edging around patios, driveways, and sidewalks, as well as string-trimming and blowing the grass clippings off of your hardscapes.

We can also pressure wash any of your sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or other hardscapes on your property.

Do you have a property that’s distressed or overgrown in Kitsap County? We can also clean that up. Call us for an estimate!

Consult with us on your seasonal yard cleanup needs!

We work with lawns all over Silverdale, Bremerton, and Port Orchard. We are ready to provide you with a consultation at any time! Reach us at (360) 516-7115 so we can discuss your seasonal yard cleanup needs!

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